Throwback Thursday: Timeless Ad Campaigns

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Brands constantly alter the way they advertise in order to cater to ever-changing social and cultural norms. Still, despite the rapidly changing world around us, some things never change. For today’s Throwback Thursday, let’s take a look at two ad campaigns that stand the test of time.

Nike: “Just Do It”

The iconic “Just Do It” slogan has propelled Nike advertisements through the years, giving the brand the unique ability to become truly timeless. The commercial below was released in 1988 and, despite its undeniably ’80s feel, the ad projects a message that remains relevant today.



Released roughly 20 years later, this Nike spot pushes the same message: no matter what your sport is, get active and “Just Do It.”



Coca-Cola: Polar Bears

Coca-Cola released its easily recognizable image of a polar bear drinking a Coke in 1922. As technology propelled the industry and changed the way most brands advertised products, Coke’s polar bears remained a distinct part of the equation. This commercial from 2013 shows how animation brought the bears from print to life.



What are some other timeless ad campaigns? Let us know in the comments below!


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