Two for Tuesday: April Fools’ Day!

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I hope you haven’t been too bothered by the fake news put out today. April Fools’ Day has become a breeding ground for earth-shatteringly false news (sorry, no new Harry Potter book or ‘NSYNC reunion). Instead of crushing your dreams this Two for Tuesday, let’s take a look at a couple hilarious pranks. I hope no one pulled any of these on you!


Carrie coffee shop prank 



This video was produced as a PR stunt for the Carrie (2013) movie and had a production team as well as several intelligent marketing masterminds behind it. Imagine the pure terror you’d feel if you were one of the outsiders who happened to be in the coffee shop when the prank went down… I don’t think I’d sleep for a week!


Frosty the snowman is back 



Even though it’s spring, it’s still extremely cold here in Chicago; although, that hasn’t stopped the runners in the city who enjoy beautiful views of the lake and the river during their workouts. Imagine if a snowman jumped out at you during your evening run.. It would certainly get your heart racing.

Cover Photo Source: Matthew Benoit

Mary is an Assistant Account Executive at SJG. She earned her BA in Communication from the University of Evansville in 2013. In her spare time, when she’s not engulfing novels in a coffee shop, Mary feels most at home celebrating life and love with her family and friends, and visiting the streets of Paris in her dreams.