Throwback Thursday: Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-MEN

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At midnight tonight, we spider-fans have an appointment at our friendly neighborhood theaters in the shape of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. What better way to get geared up for the film than to look back at all the men who’ve donned the spidey-spandex over the years (and yeah, it’s not just Tobey Maguire).


Don Glut

Glut was technically the first (known yet unofficial) man to portray Spider-Man. This is really more of an anecdote, because even if he was the first to strut the red and blue tights in the first live action Spider-Man movie, this short movie never had any official recognition. It was a fan film made in 1969 (7 years after the debut of the character in comics) in which there were no special effects (they use a doll!).  You can actually see it here:



Teyfik Sen

This is not a joke (I wish it was): a Turkish version of Spider-Man was a villain in a movie called 3 Dev Adam (3 Giant Men) in 1973. He fought Captain America and Mexican wrestler El Santo in a shameful adaptation that was unauthorized by the copyright owners.



Nicholas Hammond

Hammond was already pretty popular after starring in The Sound of Music as Friedrich von Trapp. Twelve years later, Hammond left the hills and the big screen to star in the made for TV movie, The Amazing Spider-Man; the film was so highly anticipated that it actually premiered on the big screen in some countries. Hammond made a convincing-enough Spider-Man as the movie became a TV series (13 episodes which aired from 1977 to 1979). Even though Hammond was the one portraying Peter Parker, in most of the action scenes of the series what we see is a stuntman with the spider pajamas suit.



Shinji Tôdô

During the same time that Hammond portrayed Peter Parker in the sates, Tôdô brought Spider-Man to life in Asia. Between 1977 and 1979, Japan’s Toei Animation produced a live action 41 episode TV series and a movie; however, the only real tie to our beloved superhero was the costume. Even the secret identity was different: he was named Takuya Yamashiro instead of Peter Parker (we’ll chalk that up to transculturation). The origin, the story-line and even the Spidey-powers were very different. This version of Spider-Man even piloted a giant robot known as Leopardon (which would be the seed to the Power Ranger’s megazords). Take a look at the series intro:



Tobey Maguire

Maguire wasn’t originally well-received by a lot of fans, but he managed to make a very human Spider-Man and Peter Parker in Sam Raimi’s trilogy (2001, 2004 and 2007). He eventually earned the good graces of hundreds of thousands of fans who had been waiting years for a worthy Spider-Man, with the squeal earning a 94% critic rating and 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. Unfortunately, the third installment’s ratings tanked, but we’ll choose ignore the third film.


Andrew Garfield

Garfield, a life-long Spidey-fan, won the roll for The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) to fans’ delight (they were thankful that the actor portraying the beloved wallcrawler feels such deep respect for the original comic version). Almost right after the first Amazing Spider-Man premired, the actor already had two Spidey-sequels announced (2014–a.k.a. tonight– and 2016). By the looks of it, we finally have an acrobatic Spider-Man who moves like the original in the pages of a comic book. It remains to be seen if Garfield can earn more public love than his predecessor Maguire, but he will certainly try it, and the public will enjoy watching.



Will The Amazing Spider-Man 2 live up to its predecessor? We’ll find out tonight. If you see it, let us know your thoughts (without the spoilers).

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