Trending News Monday: Cinco de Mayo

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While the fourth may have been with all yesterday, today Cinco de Mayo has taken over the web. In 1862, the under-manned Mexican army defeated France, considered the strongest army in the world, in the Battle of Puebla. As The Press-Enterprise points out, in the current American culture, Cinco de Mayo has greatly deviated from its Mexican roots and transformed into a more “promotional” holiday.

This Trending News Monday, we’re bringing you brand’s social media Cinco de Mayo splashes; check out the different strategies where some creating special hashtags for contests, others promoting their protects and some just here for the conversation. Have a favorite? Share it with us in the comments below!




Dos Equis (and the Most Interesting Man)



Domino’s Pizza



Wholly Guacamolly

  Weight Watchers

Cover Photo Source: Jay Ondreicka

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